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Wild Home-Makers

The Giant’s Garden is a wild home-making space for pre-schoolers, their siblings and parents. Run in homes and gardens, it focuses on play-making events that involve creative attention to the here and now and sustainable interaction with the living world.


It welcomes all ages, hosting make and do spaces for kids and adults, and offering an area where families and communities can come together to do some wild and wondrous workings.


The Giant’s Garden is run in association with HKD Transition, a group of local residents working together to build stronger communities to cope with climate change.


Imagining with world

The Giant’s Garden runs monthly foraging, storytelling and wild-cooking events on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. From primroses to elderberries, hawthorn to wild garlic, we are passionate about creating spaces of song, play and story which dedicate attention to the living world, and invite children to imagine, create and wonder with the world around them.

We are building a network of free resources and sessions guides for outdoor educators and parents to explore seasonal and plant themed play sessions.

We also are working towards offering regular outdoor play sessions around Sussex – watch this space.
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