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The Team

Joanna Gilar

Founder and Giant’s Garden Facilitator Dr Joanna Gilar has a PhD in fairy tales and ecology. She has been published in the journals Gramarye and Marvels and Tales, and was co-editor of The World Treasury of Fairy Tales and Folklore (Wellfleet Press, 2016). She has lectured at Chichester and currently teaches for The Hedge School and works as a community storyteller, building projects for families and young people that strengthen communities via stories. She is passionate about inspiring young – and old – to discover the infinite wonder of the ordinary world.


Eurik Gilar

Giant's Garden Facilitator Eurik Gilar is a psychodynamic counsellor with a background in outdoor and experiential education, and a passion for guiding people on adventure.  An expert in cooking and brewing with wild plants, he,is our resident Giant's Garden wild edible expert. 



Lucinda Warner

Our guest herbalist Lucinda Warner is a herbalist, naturopath and nature lover who lives and work in East Sussex and loves to spend time on the Downs with the plants that grow there. She can often be found in her kitchen blending, brewing, bottling and batching any number of strange and wonderful potions and elixirs. She loves sharing her experience of the many gifts that the natural world has to offer and empowering others to know and use some of the common plants that grow freely around us.

She is also a member of The Herbarium, a wonderful and wise group of traditional herbalists and write regular articles on herbs and natural health for The Mother magazine.

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