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The Giant’s Garden Safety Brief


The Giant’s Garden is a wild home-making space that promotes interaction with the living world, including foraging, gardening and wild play, as well as indoor activities such as cooking and crafting. The Garden is designed as a wild play and exploration space for infants, children and adults.


  • We would like to remind you that, while this is a community space in which we take care of each other, you are responsible for the care and safety of your children throughout the session.

  • This is not solely a children’s activity event, but a creative community space for all ages. Everyone is welcome – and encouraged - to join in the activities, from foraging to crafting to baking. While we endeavour to keep everything baby and toddler safe, please be aware of your child’s own limits both in and outdoors.

  • As a wild play space, kids (and grown-ups) may get muddy, stung or meet a bramble during a Giant’s Garden exploration session. We offer a risk / benefit approach that invites children – and adults – to adventure into the world together.


Please be aware of the following when bringing your child to a Giant’s Garden Session:


Wild Garden

The Giant’s Garden runs in a local garden and field. There are lots of trees for climbing, and nettles, brambles and low roots in garden and fields. We do not aim to reduce these natural risks, so please keep a close eye on your child’s outdoor play, and bring appropriate clothing and footwear.


On site there is a swimming pool, a pond, and a disused well in the back of the field. All water risks are discussed at session opening. Children are asked to stay away from the pool and the well. They are welcome to play around the pond with parental supervision.


During a Giant’s Garden session we guide the group to picking and using fruits, herbs, flowers and plants on site. At session start we emphasize foraging safety guidelines, but please support us in enforcing these and make sure your child does not put anything into their mouth that you have not checked first.


The Giant’s Garden is a space shared with two chickens, five bee hives, and a large and enthusiastic dog. The beehives are behind a fenced in area and, unless specifically stated, the chickens will be in their run for the duration of the session. Please just make sure your children are aware and careful around the chicken and bee areas.

Food Allergies

We regularly bake and cook during the sessions. Please let us know if your child has any food allergies, so we can take care to avoid these products during their session.

The Giant’s Garden sessions begin with a gentle reminder of the health and safety issues. Please support your children in staying aware of these, and do make sure you actively know where your child is throughout the duration of the session.

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